– 2 Day Training Package –


2 Day Training Package


A totally customized 2-day or weekend surf program dedicated to you and your overall fitness & ability level. Our 2 Day Training Program offers a full surf and mobility assessment, 4 coaching sessions including video analysis with skateboard training, daily healthy lunches, along with educational sessions empowering you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to take your surfing to the next level.

What’s Included?

  • 4x Surf Coaching Session
  • Maximum of 2:1 surfer to coach ratio
  • Split-screen video analysis
  • In-water personalized tuition (on request)
  • Copies of photos and/or video footage
  • Skateboard Technique Training
  • Top-of-the range surf equipment (McTavish & Vouch) with options to test all models
  • Comfortable Transport
  • Daily pick-up and drop off from your selected accommodation
  • Exploration of local surf spots to find the location best suited to your surfing ability
  • A Surfers’ healthy lunch
  • Complementary beverages & snacks
  • Spare Towels
  • Pick Up and Drop off at Ballina / Byron or Gold Coast Airport. (We can also arrange pick up and transport from Brisbane Airport)
  • 24/7 Surf Guide/ Host
  • Personal introduction to the amazing cafes, restaurants, night life and other events & features of Byron Bay
  • Optional Extras – Chiropractor & Osteopathy Treatments; Health

4x Coaching Sessions

Includes four – 2 hour surf coaching sessions. Maximum of 2:1 Surfer to Coach ratio, with the option of in-water personalised tuition if requested.

Top of the Range Surfboards

Quality surf equipment plays a major role in progression. Next Level Surf Coaching gives you access to locally made, world-class board manufacturers during your time with us.

Skateboard Training - High Performance Surf Coaching

Skateboard Training

Fine-tune a specific skill with our purpose-built surf specific skateboards. Working closely with SmoothStar Skateboards, replicate the same manoeuvre over and over again until you’re confident to take it back into the water.

Split-Screen Video Analysis

Surf along side your favorite pro and allow us to accurately pinpoint and correct errors in a specific area of your surfing with our world leading split-screen video analysis app.

Surf Spots

We provide you with access to dozens of the best surf spots in Northern NSW and Southern QLD. We always find the location best suited to your surfing ability.

Comfortable Transport

We provide free and luxury transport. Daily pick-up and drop-offs from your selected accommodation, fully insured and guided options. Airport pick-ups available.

Lunch - High Performance Surf Coaching

Lunch & Snacks

We provide beverages, snacks throughout the day and a healthy local lunch to keep you fuelled up for 2 surf sessions, and a whole lot of training.

Surf Guide & Host 24/7

Book into our 2 or 5 day training packages, and you will have access to your own personal surf guide and host in Byron Bay – 24/7.  Eat and drink in the right places…but best of all – find the best waves!

World Class Surf Coaching

All our coaching programs are private & customized to the individual, family or group

Improve Everything

All our coaching programs are private & customized to the individual, family or group with a 1:2 ratio (1 coach to 2 surfers).  Our daily focus is to search for the safest and best waves for the surfers skill level while enhancing their knowledge on technique, equipment, health & fitness.

Due to the variability of daily surf, conditions & skill levels we like to keep each day pretty flexible this way we can totally tailor it to suit the surfers needs to incorporate as much or as little of one aspect of the training as the surfer wishes. No matter what though we surf everyday with a guide to a day on the program looking like this:

Design Your Own Training Program With Us:

Wake Up – Breakfast…
08:00am – Load Up; Explore; Search for waves
08:30am – First Surf Session
11:00am – Video Analysis; Session breakdown
12:00pm – Lunch; Chill

(½ Day Package Ends)

13:00pm – Skate Technique Training; Yoga; fitness; Movement analysis session or Sports massage treatment
14:00pm – Second Surf Session
15:30pm – Video Analysis; Session breakdown
16:00pm – Day Complete; Back to Accommodation

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